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Frederique has been living in Switzerland with her family for the past 20 years. She grew up in the Netherlands and studied International Management in Amsterdam. Her Dutch roots and the creativity of Amsterdam Design City inspire her designs to be cosy, warm, elegant and contemporary at the same time.         

In 2012, to transform her passion into her profession, Frederique launched Frederique Home. She enjoys her work and the interaction with her clients. To Frederique, it is a personal challenge to design a beautiful interior without breaking the bank. Her goal is to complete interiors to the very last detail and surprise the client with the result.

Since her launch, Frederique has completed various projects for both private and corporate clients in Switzerland and abroad. From small to large, from residential houses and holiday homes to restaurants and hotels.

"I like to work with a calm base and warm materials as a starting point for an interior with a cosy atmosphere."
- Frederique